about shanel

From astronomy to astrology, science to art and music to quantum physics, there is not much Shanel has not explored. With a passion for life and an appetite to experience everything possible within a lifetime, Shanel showcases an impressive C.V. that demonstrates a staggering array of diverse activities, seldom accomplished by just one individual.

Born in London and growing up in Kent, UK, Shanel attended drama and dance school as a child alongside indulging her passions for art and music. As she got older her interests did not wane, only expanded, for Shanel possesses a constant thirst for learning and education and has completed courses in documentary film making, astronomy, quantum physics, sound engineering, alexander technique, shamanism, philosophy of mind and contemporary dance to name a few, these alongside her academic achievements within design and the sciences.

Though it is not only exploration of the mind Shanel enjoys through the various activities she engages with but physical travel is another passion she thrives upon and to date she has travelled to over 63 countries across 5 continents, including visiting retreats because Shanel also enjoys a profound relationship with spirituality and the concealed aspects of life.

A trained reiki master practitioner, Shanel possesses over a decade’s worth of experience and study in astrology, the tarot, palmistry, numerology and basic graphology and to further compliment these skills, Shanel has recently taken up tea-cup reading. All of these disciplines she has provided as private readings for others and what about when Shanel needs a rest?

As someone who does not follow any specific denomination, she visits different retreats, including the Emmaus Centre, a Christian retreat center in Dublin Ireland, or the Mdahyamaka Kadampa Buddhist meditation centre in York, the Brahma Kumaris, an international spiritual centre and the upcoming Vipassana meditation Shanel will attend in India during 2017.

So what is Shanel up to now? Alongside pursuing her interest in science, specifically behavioural neuroscience and biological psychology, by completing a Masters (MSc) in Mental Health Science, Shanel is embarking on a series of talks delivered to different groups and communities and if this wasn't enough, Shanel is also concurrently finishing her first non-fiction memoir book which includes many an adventure and challenge she has faced along her path to being the multi-talented, determined, insightful, unique and wise individual she is today.