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A career spanning more than a decade within the public and charitable sector is the result of an ever-evolving question for Shanel: how can we improve the lives of all through social initiatives and responsibility, essentially bringing people and communities together and reducing local and global inequality.

Shanel's career began as a temporary hostel worker for a women’s charity based in London and moved to social care where she supervised child contact orders. From those early beginnings she has gone on to work with a number of key charities and organisations from grass roots to management.

Her diverse portfolio of experience means she has worked within all sections of the community including specific needs such as: homelessness, substance abuse, mental health, learning and physical disabilities, ex-offenders, vulnerable young people, Gypsies and Travellers, older people and LGBT.

Complimentary and subsequent from her diverse experience, Shanel began delivering her own workshops and talks, such as her six-week change programme based on how to deal with challenging life changes, among the recipients, asylum seekers and migrants from London's Migrant Centre. Shanel also expanded her work to the general public by initiating and running groups in London she focused around different topics.

To broaden her understanding of social issues, specifically surrounding the challenges of mental health, Shanel recently returned to academic life but in contrast to her overwhelming creative background she switched to the sciences to complete a Diploma in Nature Science, then an Honours Degree in Life Science and is now completing an MSc (Masters) in Mental Health Science based around her interest in behavioural neuroscience / biological psychology. Shanel is also working on completing her first book which is a non-fiction memoir title.

society experience

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Shanel has worked with both big and small organisations in a broad range of roles, with the real value of Shanel's talents being based around her ability to engage with the community.

Not seeing the labels attached to peoples circumstances but only focusing on the individual, Shanel's professional and academic background in combination with her personal experience allows her to listen, particpate and remain open to others' views and opinions without her exercising judgement.

As someone who has experienced major destabilising life challenges, Shanel is able to connect with others using an empathetic and approachable manner, this enabling others to feel more accepted when sharing their own personal thoughts.

Shanel has headed focus groups, discussion panels and organised informal events to engage with others as well as setting up social initiatives, community enterprises and programs focusing on transformation and change. With her engaging, motivating and inspiration style, Shanel helps bring in fresh perspectives and renewed energy to stale and draining situations which otherwise lack vitality and positivity.

If you think Shanel's experience and skills could be of benefit to you, your group or organisation, Shanel would love to hear from you, whether it is a one-off project, a course, a workshop, a training seminar or simply an invitation for her to come and deliver a talk. To get in contact with her please drop her a line to the following email address: