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Shanel grew up with a passion for music, specifically electronic music and from a young age was already programming sounds on her dad's computer. While still at school, she started DJ'ing and would visit what was Black Market Records in Soho and Boogie Times in Romford, UK to pick up white labels and other vinyl. However, not content with just mixing music, Shanel wanted to write and produce music so took up evening classes to study sound engineering and production as well as secure a position working for the famous Sarm Studios in West London.

A few years recording and writing music in London, Shanel decided to bravely venture to New York to further her career. Knowing nobody in N.Y. she quickly made connections and ended up working in a studio in the Bronx running sessions, this alongside renting Mercy Studios and Spin Studios situated in Manhatten to record her own projects with local N.Y. artists.

For the next four years Shanel would travel between London and New York to produce music, meanwhile racking up an assortment of awards and mentions for her work, including 4 songwriting awards from Billboard, a feature in Future Music magazine and a product endorsement from Adidas. Her music was also released on several labels (a few linked to on this site)

Settling back in London, Shanel dabbled in sound design and theatre while making the decision to move away from recording artists and instead focus on music for television, film and media and set-up up her own company, Sugastore®. To date Sugastore has produced and licensed music for a range of clients, both small and large and including: Nestle, Kazo, Specsavers, Renault, The Red Cross, Channel 4, Refinery29, Vogue, Oxfam, American School of Bombay, NHS, Rape Crisis, Eastern Washington University, Scottish Unity for Enterprise.

professional music

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Specsavers campaign thumbnail


Oxfam Genderworks Documentary

Fashion Shoot

Kazo Fashion Shoot
Red Cross


British Red Cross advert


Opposit Advert
Vogue Girl


Vogue Girl Fashion Shoot


Nestle Purina Campaign

Theatre / Sound Design

Cochrane Theatre


Renualt Advertisement
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Healing Crisis
Healing Crisis (Piano / Orchestral)
Rogers Exquisite
Rogers Exquisite (Orchestral / Classical)
Running After Me
Running After Me (HardRag Mix)
Babylon Instrumental Beat
babylon instrumental (beat / instrumental)
Tomorrow Never Comes
tomorrow never comes (pop / song)
Shake For Me
shake for me (american mix) (pop / urban)